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Colourscape | Do a little prism time

If you’re colourblind,

A) Don’t become a bomb technician, and

B) Probably don’t go to Colourscape either.

Because there’ll be a healthy slice of the vivd spectrum on offer that you simply won’t be able to experience when it arrives in Wembley Park this Easter Weekend, and will – we assume – merely seem like a pigment of your imagination. But what is Colourscape, you quite reasonably ask?

Well, it’s basically a huge labyrinth of inflatable vinyl tunnels, the walls of which are all saturated in vibrant, ever-changing colours that seem to glow in the daylight. All-in-all, it spans an entire acre of ground, with 100 interlocking segments that range from vast domes to teeny pods. It’s been popping up in the capital for a few years now, to pretty solid approval. You know, hence the fact that it keeps returning.

At the entrance, you’ll be given a colourful cloak to drape over you, so as to literally blend in with your surroundings. Entering the maze, you’ll feel as though you’ve been swallowed by a rainbow, and you’ll hear the sonorous melody of music being played on East Asian instruments floating through the passageways. If you follow it, you’ll find the roaming band of musicians, who are likely being followed by the roaming band of dancers, too.

Sessions last around 30mins a pop, and you’re free to wander from dome to dome as you please. There’s a lot to explore, and you can take as many photos as you please.

And the kicker? All proceeds of ticket sales go towards the charity Brent Mencap, which improves the lives of people from all age groups with learning disabilities, and those with long-term health conditions. As worthy causes go…

…this one passes with flying colours.


NOTE: Colourscape takes place over the Easter Weekend (April 8th-13th) up in Wembley Park. Tickets cost £5, and typically sell out every time, so if you plan on going, you should snap up a time slot right HERE.

Colourscape | Wembley Park Boulevard, HA9 0RX

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Wembley Park Boulevard, Wembley, HA9 0RX

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