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Hattie Lloyd 13/07/17

Kino Vino Pakistan

It used to be the case that watching a film with your dinner was for special occasions only.

A reel treat, if you will.

But helping to make it a more regular occurrence – though, let it be noted, no less special – are the Kino Vino supperclubs, where founder Alissa Timoshkina invites guest chefs to bring their own inimitable cuisine to the table, alongside her pick of a culturally resonant piece of cinema. It’s delicious, educational, and it just so happens to take place in a bohemian, low-lit, 100% date-worthy room above Palm 2 in Clapton.

Next month’s installation will see acclaimed food writer and chef Sumayya Usmani cook up a Pakistani feast inspired by her upbringing in Karachi, to follow a screening of Ramchand Pakistani, a moving drama that tells the story of a young boy separated from his family when he strays across the Pakistani/Indian border. But there’ll be plenty of merriment to balance the serious subject matter, as your evening will start with a bespoke martini reception – given an exotic twist with flavourings of tamarind, cardamom and pomegranate – accompanied by Usmani’s signature sweet and spicy paneer nut mix. Then you’ll tuck into the main event, a feast piled with traditional favourites like Rose Petal Garam Masala, spicy aubergine relish, pullao rice and freshly baked naan, all topped off with stewed Hunza apricots drizzled with cardamom, rose-spiced cream and walnuts.

Apparently, it’s particularly delicious when you use the naan to eat your other main dishes…

That’s a wrap.


NOTE: Kino Vino Pakistan takes place on 3rd August at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £50 and can be booked online HERE.

Kino Vino | Palm 2, 153 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QJ

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Kino Vino Pakistan

Palm 2, 153 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton, East London, E5 0QJ