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Jason Allen 01/10/19

A Cutting-Edge, Laser-Focused Art Show

Other Spaces | A multi-sensory exploration of light and sound

Laser art.

It’s pretty cutting-edge.

And now a huge, free exhibition of the stuff is popping up in London for a few months.

It’s called Other Spaces, and you’ll find it down at The Store X – a huge platform for new exhibitions, art projects, and other such revelry down on The Strand – until the start of December. It’s showcasing three different works by the United Visual Artists collective, each of which are vast, walk-in installations.

The Great Animal Orchestra

Other Spaces

This one takes over 50,000 hours of recorded animal sounds, from over 15,000 different species, made by a bioacoustician over the course of a 45 year career in the field … and combines them with a visual laser landscape created by the frequencies of those sounds that’s reflected eerily beneath your feet. It creates a stunning, shimmering array of colour and sound.

Vanishing Point

Other Spaces

Inspired by Renaissance artists like Dürer and Da Vinci and their obsessions with mathematics, perspective and proportion, Vanishing Point plays with lasers and horizon lines to create a kind of walk-through blueprint. They use an extremely powerful Pangolin Laser system (the kind they use for massive outdoor festivals & laser shows) with pure white diodes to create blades of light bisecting the space, and disappearing to an invisible vanishing point. You know, hence the name.

Our Time

Other Spaces

This is the biggest of the bunch; a large scale installation that uses an array of pendulums of light, swinging back and forth, to give you a surreal glimpse into the passage of time. It was first exhibited in the Barbican, and has now been rebooted as a new site-specific installation with a specially commissioned soundtrack.

There’s an other exhibition going on concurrently with this one, named TRANSFORMER: The Rebirth of Wonder, which features artworks curated by fashion go-getter Jefferson Hack.

Because this place has Other Spaces too.

NOTE: Other Spaces is showing from 2nd October until 8th December 2019. It’s completely free to enter, and it’s open Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm – 7pm. You can find out more right HERE


The Store X | 180 The Strand, WC2R 1EA

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Other Spaces

The Store X, 180 The Strand, The Strand, WC2R 1EA