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Talisa Dean 28/11/17

Last Days Of Shoreditch

NOTE: The Last Days of Shoreditch has now closed for good.

The Last Days of Shoreditch are here.

Despite sounding like a thinly veiled threat …it’s actually a good thing.

A very good thing.

But, in a sharply ironic twist, with the space under re-development it may actually be the last days of the Last Days of Shoreditch.

Thankfully their possibly final season will also be their possibly best one, given that they’ve gone and filled it with delicious street food, cocktails, art installations, World Cup screenings, a dance floor, and a serene enchanted garden in the middle of East London.

To make it all happen, they’ve redressed their huge outdoor space, taken down the covered roofing, and thrown in a sandy tropical-style beach area, some huge swinging hammock beds, an entire tree-house, and several specially commissioned sound installations. Here’s what else that have going on:


They’ve got stalls from award-winning BBQ joint Smokey Tails, who’re slinging their signature pulled pork (loaded with BBQ sauce made to a secret 120 year-old family recipe); Neapolitan-style pizza from Crust Bros; and some good ol’ fashioned burgers from Cheeky Burger, which is run by a classically trained French chef (and a Masterchef: The Professionals alumnus, no less). And of course, there’s a cocktail bar, a craft beer bar, and other booze delights to wash it all down with.


They’re bussing in “one of the biggest screens in London” to watch the World Cup on, and yes – Lucky Voice will be there with several rooms on offer for you to shriek your heart out with your mates. There are also several non-shrieking rooms (themed after The Green Room, The Orangery, Beetlejuice and more) available if you’re just after a private room to hang out in. That, plus the lineup of DJs every Thurs/Fri/Sat night makes for a pretty great night out…

…at Last.

NOTE: The Last Days of Shoreditch has now closed for good.

Last Days of Shoreditch | 288 Old Street, EC1V 9LA

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Last Days Of Shoreditch

288 Old Street, Shoreditch, The City and East London, EC1V 9LA