Hattie Lloyd 12/08/18

Library Pot

Don’t believe there’s a board game café in Richmond?

Check, mate.

Library Pot has become a niche hangout for board gamers of all kinds. Just pay a fiver cover charge per session and play for up to 6 hours – DO pass Go, and DO collect a bunch of great memories playing board games in a café in Richmond.

In a setting that looks like a kooky hostel common room, the atmosphere in Library Pot’s safe, friendly and relaxed. Fairy lights and ivy are wrapped around the banisters, while the walls are laden with games. It’s a great place to visit with a group of friends, and there’s even a “meet up” group if you want to go solo and find a gang.

The Library Pot

There are more games there than you can shake a stick at. Which is just as well, because if there were enough to shake a stick at and you actually did that, well there’d be trouble. Seriously, there are hundreds. Ranging from short and snappy two player games, to day-long strategy campaigns, construction games, logic-based games, co-operative games, dexterity games and everything in between – there’s even a ball pit (for some unknown reason).

Not game-centric enough for you, Gamey Gamerson? Then get so into it that your friends start to worry about you by donning a cosplay outfit: they’re available here, or you can bring your own if you’re a fancy dress veteran. As a side note, if you describe yourself as a “fancy dress veteran” then you’ve probably already gone passed that “friends starting to worry about you” stage.

There’s a list of food and drinks (both alcoholic and not so) to fuel you for your session, but treat it as such and not much more – the food isn’t haute cuisine, but then, who cares when you’re casting magic spells on evil monsters?

Priorities, people.


NOTE: Library Pot is open Thursday – Sunday. Booking recommended. For more information, click here

Library Pot | 86 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2PQ

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Library Pot

86 Kew Road, Richmond, West London, TW9 2PQ