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Jason Allen 15/11/22

Lift 109

Lift 109 | A Glass Elevator in Battersea with Panoramic Views

Looking for some uplifting news?

Well, London’s got a new glass elevator that’ll whisk you up to take in a view that’s exactly as high as the very tip of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Or, if you want another way of visualising it, 2.2 Nelson’s Columns. Or 20 average height male giraffes. Or 1,571 hamsters.

It’s 109 meters, basically, which is why they’re calling it Lift 109.

Lift 109

Not entirely uncoincidentally, that’s the exact height of the iconic Art Deco chimneys thrusting out into the London skyline from Battersea Power Station. And it’s inside one of these chimneys that this majestic glass elevator ascends, bringing you up to a new, purpose-built panoramic viewing platform at the very top.

The whole experience lasts around 45mins, and begins with a multimedia exhibition in the main turbine hall which will go over the history of the building. You’ll then get into the elevator and abruptly start asking yourself ‘wait a second, is the entire journey up just going to be in pitch blackness then?’ The answer is no – this is just the first lift to take you to the main event. You’ll embark onto the official Lift 109, a sort of futuristic space craft and ascend into the sky inside the chimney.

lift 109

Joshua Atkins

Once at the top, you can take all the pictures you want and gaze out at 360-degree views of London. Given that only a small group ascend at a time, and there’s little else nearby that’s quite as tall, Lift 109 is probably one of the best viewpoints in London, with leafy scenes to the west, and the dazzling lights of the City to the east – and the Thames weaving its way through it all.

Once you’ve returned back to earth, you’ll be decanted out into the newly thriving food & drinks scene within Battersea Power Station, including a restaurant devoted to pancakes; the stylish Control Room B (a cocktail bar within the station’s old control room) and, eventually, what’s likely to be one of the best new food halls in the city.

Prices start at £17 and you can make make your way into the sky any day of the week.

Isn’t that uplifting…


NOTE: Lift 109 is open daily. You can book tickets right here.

Lift 109 | Battersea Power Station, Circus Rd W, Nine Elms, SW8 5BN

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Lift 109

Circus Rd West, Nine Elms, Battersea, South London, SW8 5BN