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A Stunning Light Festival With 18m-peacocks & 70k Illuminated Roses

Lightopia | A stunning light festival in Chiswick House Gardens

If you’re after a little light entertainment, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Because Lightopia has a lot.

Like, a casual 65 acres-worth a lot. Enough to fill Chiswick House Gardens with hundreds of magical lanterns, gigantic installations, and interactive light shows. It’ll hit town for 5 weeks in January, and this will be its debut show, although the team behind it have put on several lantern spectacles before. All in all, for the light show part you can expect 45 installations, including:

  • A field of 70,000 illuminated, flickering roses. Yes, 70,000.
  • A huge rainbow tunnel.
  • An 18m-wide shimmering peacock whose glowing patterns are synchronised to music.
  • Gigantic glowing eggs that make music when you rock them.
  • A 10m tall Tree of Life surrounded by 20 drums that change the tree’s colour when hammered upon.

Then there’s Chiswick House itself, which will be flooded with enough light to furnish a medium-sized solar system thanks to the festival’s fancy projection mapping technology – the facade of the building will appear to come alive as the projection plays out in a glorious real-life VR-style experience.

Then, beyond even that there are also promised to be acrobats, street food, pop up bars, and live musicians dotted about the place too.

Like we said – a lot.

NOTE: Lightopia takes place from 22nd January to 1st March 2020. Adult tickets cost £20 advance and are available right HERE.


Magical Lantern Festival | Chiswick House Gardens, W4 2QN

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Chiswick House Gardens, Dukes Avenue Gate, Chiswick, West London, W4 2QN
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