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The Literary Hour: Around The World In 80 Days

The Literary Hour: Around The World In 80 Days

The Literary Hour are back, with a supperclub all about the adventures of the great Phileas Fogg.

It’s not to me mist.

As with their previous events (such as the recent, jubilant, sell-out Wind in the Willows-themed dinner) your evening revolves around a novel – Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days – which itself revolves around the entire globe. There’ll be five courses, each taking in a different culinary location. As a prologue, you’ll get drinks from London’s iconic Reform Club, before hustling through Hong Kong’s hawker markets, taking in a little New York-style decadence, some heady delights in bustling Bombay’s back street cafes, and a few sumptuous Japanese treats.

Added to all that, each course will be accompanied by a reading from the novel to contextualise it, and there’ll be a few ‘surprises’ smuggled in along the way. Previous events have seen a Turkish Delight ‘guess the flavour’ game (from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe), and Willy Wonka’s 3-course dinner chewing gum (from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory). So one thing’s for sure…

…It’ll be anything by Dahl.

NOTE: The Literary Hour: Around the World in 80 Days takes place from the 15th of February to 4th of March. Tickets are available now right HERE.

OTHER NOTE: Nudge Members, we have something special for you arriving on Thursday…


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The Literary Hour: Around The World In 80 Days

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