Liu Xiaomian at The Jackalope | Spicy Noodles in an 18th Century Pub
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Liu Xiaomian at The Jackalope

Liu Xiaomian at The Jackalope

Liu Xiaomian at The Jackalope | Marylebone Pop Up

It takes a seasoned chef to get the level of spices right in a dish.

Luckily, Liu Xiaomian is one of them, having won herself queues round the block for her ‘spicy, numbing, addictive’ Chongqing cooking. Now, she’s settling into the kitchens at Marylebone pub The Jackalope for the near future, serving delicious, freshly made wontons, spicy noodles and slow-cooked pork with Chinese vegetables.

Liu Xiaomian


NOTE: Liu Xiaomian is cooking at The Jackalope from Tues-Fri, 12-2.30pm & 6-9pm. Just turn up, or book HERE.


Liu Xiaomian | The Jackalope, 43 Weymouth Mews, W1G 7EQ

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Liu Xiaomian at The Jackalope

The Jackalope, 43 Weymouth Mews, Marylebone, W1G 7EQ

020 3455 2871


8.9 / 10

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