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London Craft Beer Festival 2017

Sometimes craft brewing doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

You can even slip the ingredients right into a sentence and people barley notice.

So setting out to remedy this is the London Craft Beer Festival, and – now in its fifth year – they’re rolling out their biggest, baddest line-up yet to celebrate.

They’ve gathered a crowd of 45 breweries, both established and on the rise, from across the world, and planted them inside a vast former power station perched on Hoxton Square. Inside you’ll find American visitors like Brooklyn Brewery and the neighbouring Other Half; the award-winning Maniba from Brazil; European brews from Mikkeller and Dugges; and, of course, a solid London contingent represented by Pressure Drop, Beavertown and Brew By Numbers. Each will have their finest and most unusual beers on tap – and, since the organisers are sensible men of the people, you’ll be able to try as much as you want, from as many traders as you want.

Plus, interspersed with these breweries you’ll also find Barrel and Wheel, an artisanal wine bar where you’ll be able to sip on glasses paired with Neil’s Yard cheeses; shuffleboard arenas; a sunlit courtyard; a DJ deck manned by Hot Chip, Norman Jay MBE and Metronomy’s Olugbenga; aaand a street food offering curated alongside KERB that’ll see a ridiculously slick set of traders like Morito, Berber & Q, and Gunpowder all pitching up to hustle their sweet, tasty wares.

And since their dishes are all inspired by the flavours of the brews at the fair, it won’t have to be a trade-off.


NOTE: The London Craft Beer Festival 2017 takes place at the Electric Light Station off Hoxton Square, between 4th and 6th August. Tickets are £42.50 including all the beer you want, and can be purchased online HERE.


London Craft Beer Festival 2017 | Shoreditch Electric Light Station, Hoxton Square, N1 6HD

London Craft Beer Festival 2017

Shoreditch Electric Light Station, Hoxton Square Entrance, Shoreditch, East London, N1 6HD

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