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London International Mime Festival

London International Mime Festival

Every week, hundreds of performers go out into the world to become mimes.

Never to be heard from again.

Luckily, the London International Mime Festival is around to sing their praises and toot their own trumpets for them, and it’s very slowly rolling its (invisible) wagon into town for the 2018 festival this very month.

Taking place at venues scattered across London, it’s an eclectic mix of eccentric, athletic, jaw-dropping, intimate and generally excellent performances plucked from the vast range of disciplines that come under the ‘mime’ umbrella. Featuring performers from around the globe, expect everything from large scale productions by Olivier Award winning troupes, to intimate one-mime shows – or, more specifically, expect:

  • Lebensraum, a physical comedy in which musicians merge with wallpaper and a robotic maid is created;
  • Lähtö, a surreal depiction of a failing relationship using 19th century stage magic techniques;
  • Santa Madera, a “pagan power game” played out by performers rolling around in hoops (apparently one of circus’ most dangerous disciplines);
  • Sigma, a hypnotic juggling performance inspired by geometry and traditional Indian dance;
  • Petit Théâtre de Gestes, a miniature circus with mechanical performers; and
  • Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas, a completely silent, dark comedy in which a lonely woman rehearses a wedding.

But that’s not all. Because – besides a host of other exceptional shows incorporating acrobatics, mask performance and puppetry – you’ll also find stuffed into their programme live art installations; post-show talks and discussions; and mime workshops on everything from ‘The Poetic Body’ to ‘How to Be a Stupid’.

Apparently it all comes down to thinking inside the box.


NOTE: The London International Mime Festival takes place between 10th January and 3rd February at various venues across London. You can find out more about what’s on and book tickets right HERE.

Main image: Lebensraum

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London International Mime Festival

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