Hattie Lloyd 01/12/21

London International Mime Festival

The world’s best mime performers are coming to London this January.

They can’t tell you how happy they are.

Luckily, the London International Mime Festival is around to sing their praises and toot their own trumpets for them, and it’s very slowly rolling its (invisible) wagon into town for the 46th edition of the annual festival at the start of next year.

Taking place at venues scattered across London, it’s an eclectic mix of eccentric, athletic, jaw-dropping, intimate and generally excellent performances plucked from the vast range of disciplines that come under the ‘mime’ umbrella. Featuring performers from around the globe, expect everything from large scale productions by award winning troupes, to intimate puppetry on a boat – or, more specifically, expect:

  • Kin – When Kin first hit the stage, it garnered five star reviews and standing ovations for its deadpan humour and jaw-dropping stunts. It features six unbelievably talented acrobats ruthlessly competing to out-tumble, out-flip, and out-fly one another, and it’s incredible.
  • Interiors – This one’s really quite an original idea. You, the audience, play the part of a voyeur gazing into a house in mid-winter, unable to hear them, but able to see through every window as the drama unfolds. It’s actually based on a play from 1895, which has required surprisingly little updating.
  • Short & Sweet – A mix of dance, drag, lip-syncing and satire, Short & Sweet brings characters like Sid Vicious, Twiggy, Grace Jones, Rasputin, and eight Edith Sitwells to life without the vulgarity of words.
  • Stellaire – Using paper, chalk, charcoal, sand, silhouettes and projection, a pair of visual artists will magically create a miniature theatre before your eyes, then perform a show within it.
  • Big Boys Don’t Cry – Trashing macho stereotypes about what masculinity is supposed to be, performers Adam & Dik use crisps, puppets, dead bodies and action figures to answer the question: what maketh a man?

But that’s not all. Because – besides a host of other exceptional shows incorporating acrobatics, mask performance and puppetry – you’ll also find stuffed into their programme post-show talks and discussions; silent movie screenings with live soundtracks; and workshops on everything from ‘Creating & Playing with Characters’ to ‘How To Be A Stupid’, to ‘How To Be Even Of A More Stupid’.

Apparently it all comes down to thinking inside the box.


NOTE: The London International Mime Festival takes place between 12th January and 6th February 2022 at various venues across London. You can find out more about what’s on, and book tickets, right HERE.

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