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Jason Allen 08/11/22

Maison Cointreau

Maison Cointreau | Partner Content

Clear your diary.

Or at least clear one of the evenings this Thursday, Friday or Saturday – because you’re going to an extraordinary, immersive, sensory cocktail experience in a four storey Soho townhouse.

It’s called Maison Cointreau, and it’s all in honour of the fact that the quintessential orange liqueur, which has been an indispensable part of every cocktail bar for over 170 years, has for the first time in over a century decided to change the design of its iconic bottle. Though not its distinctively angular shape, which was inspired by perfume bottles of the time. And definitely not what’s in it, thank God.

Snap up a ticket, and here’s what you can expect – you’ll be able to spot the townhouse from way down Greek Street thanks to the vivid cascade of (sustainably produced and 100% recyclable) orange orbs flowing out of a third-floor window and enveloping the entrance doors down on the ground floor. Walk into those doors, and you’ll immediately notice that the word ‘immersive’ isn’t just a superfluous afterthought here – the scent of fresh oranges will permeate the space, the entrance will be decorated with very real orange trees, it will all be lit with a warm & inviting orange glow. And the best bit? You’ll be handed a complimentary edible cocktail to kick things off.

Maison Cointreau

And that is just the start. You’ll then be taken up to the first floor of the place, where you’ll literally walk through an interactive light-filled tunnel in the iconic shape of a Cointreau bottle, which should rate about a 9.0 on the Instagram Richter scale. Moving up to the second floor, you’ll then get to learn about some of the brand’s extraordinary heritage, with some seriously good-looking vintage ads, posters, and bottles.

Up on the third floor you’ll get to explore an “apothecary-like” area that acts as a miniaturised version of the original Cointreau distillery in Angers, learning about flavours, scent profiles, and how Cointreau enhances everything, hence the fact that it’s become a staple ingredient in over 400 classic cocktails.

Then, finally, the cherry on top is the fourth floor bar. The place will be decked with design elements evoking a jazz café straight from the streets of Montmartre, and you’ll get to listen to live DJs do their thing while you choose two complimentary cocktails from the list of Margarita twists and classic Cointreau cocktails.

There are just a couple to choose from.


NOTE: Maison Cointreau takes place from Thursday 10th – Saturday 12th November (5pm-11pm Thurs & Fri, 12pm-11pm Sat). Tickets cost £15 and include entry, plus three complimentary cocktails, and you can get them right here.

Maison Cointreau | 19 Greek Street, W1D 4DT

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Maison Cointreau

19 Greek Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 4DT