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Hattie Lloyd 05/06/23

London Bars Duke It Out To Shake The Best Margarita

Margarita Rumble 2023 | A battle that will probably get messy…

London’s annual margarita rumble involves you, the people, drinking unlimited margaritas for two hours to decide who does the best one.  

Unusually, you won’t be sober as a judge.

The rules are simple: you’re given a reusable cup, and then you sip (perhaps…) your way through 15 or so margaritas shaken up by some of London’s best tequila bars. Then at the end, once the dust is settled, and your mind’s not hazy at all, you – being the cocktail connoisseur ‘n all – cast your carefully considered vote in a ballot box to confirm who’s currently serving London’s number one marg. 

Margarita Rumble

The prestigious competition, now in its 4th year, is going down on Saturday July 22nd with the shenanigans taking place at Two More Years in Hackney Wick. On the day, there’s three sessions with the lineup of competing bars including the hosts, Two More Years, alongside That’s So Papos, Mescal Itto, Cafe Pacifico, Primis Mexican… you get the picture, and there’s more on their way yet.

And mercifully, there’s also going to be food as well, from James Cochran, the chef behind Islington’s 12:51 and the winner of 2018 Great British menu, plus burgers from Lucky Chip. Beyond the competition, previous years saw extra entertainment in the form of a traditional mariachi band, DJs and tequila masterclasses where you can learn tips from some of the pros. Details for this year will be announced soon. 

Not that you needed any further incentives for going…


NOTE: Margarita Rumble is taking place on Saturday 22nd July with the first ‘tasting’ starting at 12pm. A two-hour session costs £37.50, and you can get your tickets here.

Two More Years | 7 Roach Rd, Fish Island, E3 2PA

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Margarita Rumble

Two More Years, 7 Roach Rd, Fish Island, Hackney Wick, East London, E3 2PA