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Hattie Lloyd 14/03/17

Montagues and Capulets

Montagues and Capulets | 90s Shakespeare

Will Shakespeare.

As his name would suggest, he had a penchant for violence.

Something that hasn’t escaped the attention of COLAB Theatre, who’re using the gang war backdrop of Romeo & Juliet to plunge you headfirst into their strikingly immersive, danger-laden ’90s-era warehouse squat rave scene adaptation of the play.

It’s from the same team behind previous immersive experiences Hunted, Crooks and Hostage, and you’ll be expected to arrive in full, hella ’90s get-up. Best group costumes win a prize. Before the show begins, you’ll be split into two sides; Montague and Capulets, and be expected to instantly hate each other. Together with your new allies, you’ll then spend the next two hours competing over the fate of the star-crossed lovers in inventive, clever, and straight-up fun ways. There’ll be plotting, there’ll be ambushing…

…and either way, there’ll be drinking in the bar afterwards.

It’s what Shakespeare would have wanted.


NOTEMontagues and Capulets is now playing Thurs-Sat evenings, 7-9pm and 9-11pm, between 24th March and 27th April. Tickets cost £20pp and can be booked online HERE.

The CoLab Factory | 74 Long Lane, SE1 4AU

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Carpe Diem!

Montagues and Capulets

The CoLab Factory, 74 Long Lane, Borough, South London, SE1 4AU

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