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Neverland Spring Break

Neverland Spring Break | Peter Pan just grew up

If you thought an immersive Peter Pan-themed adult playground would Neverland in London…

…think again.

Because the people at Shuttlecock Inc (responsible for the globe-travelling supperclub Mile High, and the louche Blue Lotus Opium Den) are about to launch one. And as with all Peter Pan-related experiences, it has a simple hook: recreating spring break in the late ’90s.

To house the whole thing, they’ve ambitiously taken over the Park Village Studios, an iconic 10,000 sq. ft. film & photographic studio turned event space overlooking Regent’s Park. Inside, they’ve reimagined the Lost Boys’ home though the lens of MTV’s glory days. Here’s how a typical visit will go…


You’ll enter the genteel residence of George & Mary Darling, who’ll do the polite thing, and offer you a drink. You’ll then do the polite thing, and accept. After that, you’ll be taken to Neverland to meet…


NTV Spring Break

These Lost Boys have grown up, and are now a group of bearded hipsters in ironic t-shirts, who run a street food collective. Here, you’ll get a chance to line your stomach at one of the various food stalls serving the likes of fish tacos with smoked chilli & burnt habanero; hot’n’sour wings; brioche three-cheese toasties with pickles; dulce de leche churros; and more. Then it’s off to,


NTV Spring Break

A neon-soaked dive, here you’ll meet Tink, the foul-mouthed, tatted-up proprietor who’ll furnish you with one of the many cocktails, including her own ferociously strong take on a Dark ‘n’ Stormy. After stumbling out, you’ll be slightly bewildered by the sight of,


Populated by the “rah-vers” (Tiger Lily, Sebastian, and friends), this is basically a hippie-style retreat with coloured teepees and a campfire to chant around. If you’re feeling it, you can have a massage, join a guru session, or sip on Jarr Kombucha cocktails. And if not? Then head on over to see,


If you’re able to find it, The Pirates and their leader Jimmy ‘ook have their own speakeasy. And not too far away, their arch enemy Croc (sporting a Flavour Flav-style clock hanging around his neck) is leading a dance troupe as they shoot their latest music video.

And it might not be the worst idea to take a look at their moves either, because each evening ends with an almighty NTV Dance Off, when the various gangs will congregate in the dance studio and take turns to show off their routines in the boxing ring.

…And we know someone who’ll have a mean left hook.

NOTE: Neverland Spring Break takes place from the 19th-21st April at Park Village Studios. Tickets cost £35-£65, and are available right HERE. Standard tickets (£35-40) include 1x drinks token and 2x food tokens. VIP tickets (£65) include 4x drinks tokens and 4x food tokens. 

OTHER NOTE: Nudge Members, we have something rather special for you. Head right HERE to find out more…


Neverland Spring Break | Park Village Studios, NW1 7PX

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Neverland Spring Break

Park Village Studios, 1 Park Village, Camden, North London, NW1 7PX

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