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Jason Allen 07/11/17

Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter is a new immersive, slightly insane supper club.

And no, they’re not serving fission chips.

It’s all taking place this (hopefully) normal winter over in North London bar/event space STYX, which will be completely re-dressed to channel the lively spirit of Cold War-era relations between the superpowers. Step through the iron curtain, and you can expect to find yourself immersed in,


Obviously, the first port of call in any Cold War scenario is Mother Russia; here she’s represented in the courtyard’s Soviet Zone, complete with “heat lamps, fires, vodka and borscht”. Apparently there’s even a thermonuclear sauna.

Assuming you have the right paperwork you can head to warmer climes (indoors), where you’ll come to the Cuban-themed Castro’s Cancelled Christmas; a raucous bar slinging everything from Depleted Uranium Sours, to Project Manhattans, to White Russians.

After that, there’s the neutral D*M*Z, in which GI’s down steins of beer, and guests shoot thimbles full of regional digestifs and fine imported spirits, covertly disguised as more genteel refreshments. And as with all real DMZ’s, every evening will see a different form of entertainment from bands, cabarets & entertainers.

Finally, follow the suspicious-looking men in trench coats, and you’ll get to the bunker that is the CIA War Room. And it’s here you’ll find,


Nuclear Winter

Each month will see a different residency, starting with Blanch & Shock, who’l be putting on five courses of Pomp & Paranoia which they describe as “tensions from home and abroad played out on the plate”, but which will likely involve their characteristic fresh palette of fresh British ingredients.

Kino Vino will then take over, with a dinner from all four corners of the USSR – taking you from Soviet Central Asia, to the Caucasus, and the South-Western part of the USSR (Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia) and culminate with a dinner in the capital featuring some of the classics from the Kremlin.

Finally, GrubClub will close the proceedings out with a kaleidoscope of popups from their portfolio of chefs, promising that “no two experiences will be the same”.

And no. They won’t be serving mushroom clouds.

NOTE: Nuclear Winter is taking place from 6th December ­until 24th February 2018 at STYX in Tottenham Hale. You can find out more, and book tickets at their surprisingly cool website, right HERE

STYX | 5 Ashley Road, Tottenham Hale, N17 9LJ


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Nuclear Winter

5 Ashley Road, Tottenham Hale, N17 9LJ