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Jason Allen 26/04/70

Operation Red Rocket

Operation Red Rocket

The year is 1965.

The moon has been conquered. The race to Mars is on. And the British Space Agency are hoping to claim it for themselves.

And sure, in this universe, the sky’s the limit for the British Space Agency (which does exist, but the way), but in the gloriously optimistic retro-futuristic universe you’ll be stepping into for Operation Red Rocket they can look a little further. Because in that universe, you’re being recruited to travel to the red planet and start a colony…

The event comes to us from immersive pop up dining experience gurus at The Art of Dining, who have redressed Haggerston’s Rose Lipman Building in the curvilinear style of a visionary ’60s astro-lab. You’ll enter through its Jetson-esque halls to find yourself face-to-face with globally renowned space engineer Professor June Cavendish, who will guide you through an evening of rigorous scientific testing and, naturally, a delicious five-course meal.

Operation Red Rocket

That meal (which will be cooked by an ex-Moro chef) will reflect the very international nature of the race for the new Mars-bound colony, with dishes from the other countries sending pioneers to the stars – you’ll find cumin pork ribs with soft boiled tea eggs from China; stuffed karela with spiced roasted romanesco & gooseberry chutney from India; American jambalaya with smoked sausage and glazed octopus; some dehydrated wild garlic, asparagus, pea & broad bean broth from the UK, and finally honey cake with sour cream ice-cream and lightly pickled cherries from Russia.

Although we can’t say a huge amount about how it will all go down (half the fun is the surprise) we can say that the whole experience will be very theatrical, with a bit of role-play, dressing up, and lots of booze. And unlike Mars…

…there’ll be a plenty of atmosphere.

NOTE: This event has now taken place.


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Operation Red Rocket

The Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Road, Haggerston, East London, N1 5SQ