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Hattie Lloyd 28/04/23

Outdoor Cinema at The Barbican

Outdoor Cinema at The Barbican | Al Fresco Culture

The Barbican’s outdoor cinema returns this summer.

We’re calling it The Barbi-Cannes. (To be clear, no one else is).

And much like at the film festival in the South of France, we’re sure that you’ll be able to experience that balmy riviera climate at The Barbi-Cannes, too… because A) They’re going to be screening everything outdoors, and B) We’re unrelenting optimists around here…. except when things are going badly. Which is always.

Anyhoo, it’s taking place towards the end of August, and – should the Weather Gods smile upon us, which they will – the Barbican will be setting up the pop up cinema in their atmospheric Sculpture Court, against a backdrop of the City skyline and the arts complex’s iconic brutalist buildings.

barbican outdoor cinema

Paris is Burning

As you’d expect from the Barbican, however – and this is the best part – the film roster is showing something a little different to your typical outdoor cinema line-up of Dirty Dancing and Encanto singalongs (there is a time and place for that, though… and those times and places are here). At the Barbican’s Outdoor Cinema, the week starts off with Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror (frequently hailed as the greatest film ever made); followed by the Oscar-nominated Hero, set in ancient China; The Last Waltz, Scorsese’s concert film of The Band’s final stage show; Studio Ghibli’s breathtaking Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind; Hitchcock’s iconic Rear WindowAmazing Grace, Aretha Franklin’s seminal 1972 performance in LA; Paris is Burning, a deep-dive documentary into the ballroom culture of 1980s NYC; the BAFTA-winning Monsoon Wedding; and the multi-Oscar-winning Black Panther – all capped off with the golden-era musical Singin’ In The Rain.

Just to double down on their elevated outdoor cinema status, there’ll be a complimentary Campari Spritz awaiting you, as well as street food from the likes of Copper Rattle (gourmet hot dogs & popcorn); Toum & Tahini (fatteh, or loaded pita); and Kichiya Pastries (Japanese desserts like dorayaki pancakes and soufflé cheesecake).

Your typical multiplex it ain’t…


NOTE: The Barbican Outdoor Cinema runs from 3rd September 2023. Tickets cost £18, and can be booked right HERE. Please note that seating is unallocated, so you may want to get there early.

Barbican Outdoor Cinema | Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS

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Outdoor Cinema at The Barbican

Barbican Centre, Silk Street, Barbican, EC2Y 8DS