Peloton House | A Pop Up Showcasing The Future Of Exercise Bikes
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Peloton House

Peloton House

Peloton House | Partner Content

Indoor Cycling.

Ironically, it had been going downhill…

…until now. Because the folks at  Peloton are taking it into the future.

Precisely how they’re doing this is, actually, pretty simple: Peloton’s custom bikes are all equipped with an HD, internet-enabled touchscreen which not only shows you an incredibly detailed array of stats… but also means that they can stream a boutique cycling class from one of the world’s best professional instructors into your home.

It’s become something of a sensation in the US, where they’ve picked up fans like Hugh Jackman, Kate Hudson, Michael Phelps, and Ellen Degeneres. And now, they’re landing in the UK for the first time – Covent Garden to be precise – with Peloton House.


It’s a pop up showcase giving you a chance to check out the bikes, and try them for yourself. It’s going to be popping up for three weeks, during which time you can drop in, try a bike & a class in one of their themed rooms (designed to mimic the home environment with beds, sofas, the works), or ride with a friend if you’re quick on the day, then grab a hot shower afterwards and head to their Refuel station to, well, refuel.


Well yeah, otherwise we wouldn’t have teasingly dangled the prospect in front of you. You can just head straight to their dedicated Peloton House website and secure any of the dozens of slots available from the launch on Tuesday 25th September, right up until Saturday 13th October.

Oh, and they’re all free. So go on…

…take one for a spin.

NOTE: Peloton House is open from Tuesday 25th September until Saturday 13th October. You can book your free session to try out the bikes and the classes at their website right HERE.

Peloton House | 11 Floral St, WC2E 9DH

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Peloton House

11 Floral St, Covent Garden, WC2E 9DH


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