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Jason Allen 01/01/19

The Perfect Liars Club

The Perfect Liars Club | Shoreditch Comedy Night

There is no ‘i’ in ‘misinformation’.

But there is an ‘i’ in Perfect Liars Club, and that I could be you, if you get tickets fast enough. Having started in Washington DC (known for producing some of the world’s most staggeringly accomplished truth-benders), The PLC’s monthly shows have become so popular, they now generally sell out there in around two minutes.

So what is it?

Well, the general concept is extremely simple: four storytellers tell you a story onstage. Three are true, and one is a lie. You get to listen to all of them, then interrogate the speaker about their tale. Afterwards, you all vote on who you think is the liar, and the “frequently shocking” truth is revealed…

The very pleasant upshot to all of this is that there are always at least three completely true stories told at each event – told by everyone from astrophysicists to theatre directors – that are so terrifically interesting they literally sound made up. It’s helped the Club grow into a global enterprise, with branches in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and now London. The latter of which you should definitely consider going to.

The crowds are small enough to feel intimate, and large enough to get some lively debate going after the speakers have said their piece(s), and being hosted at The Book Club there’s an abundance of excellent cocktail-ing options behind the bar. And if you feel like you have a particularly good story to tell, the you can apply to be one of their

All in all, it’s an evening of good, honest fun.

NOTE: The Perfect Liars Club takes place on 18th March downstairs at The Book Club. Tickets cost £8 advance (from HERE). If they’re sold out, don’t worry. That’s a lie. Because there will be a few tickets at the door on the night itself.


The Book Club | 100 – 106 Leonard Street, EC2A 4RH

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The Perfect Liars Club

100-106 Leonard St, Shoreditch, East London, EC2A 4RH