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Hattie Lloyd 01/12/16

Pitch Black Bar

Pitch Black Bar | Drinking In The Dark

Making conversation on a blind date can prove a little tricky.

Sometimes you just can’t see eye to eye.

One thing you should agree on, however, is that Pitch Black Bar – a pop up that steers attention away from showy cocktail presentation to focus back on flavour – was the perfect place for your first date. Because this bar is serving your martinis with a twist – in the pitch black.

And as a collaboration between Lee Baker and Dom Balfour, it’s more than just a shot in the dark; together they’ve notched up over 20 years experience in the drinks world, including Soho’s Graphic and Shoreditch’s Loves Company…

Should you go inside, you’ll find yourselves in a warmly lit space, where you’ll meet your waiter and, hopefully, find him a trustworthy sort of fellow. Because he’s about to guide you through the boozy equivalent of a trust fall.


Once everyone’s settled, the lights are turned down and the drinks are shaken up. Your 90-minute gustatory magical mystery tour will kick off with a glass of bubbles, followed by two cocktails specifically designed to awaken your senses (except sight, obviously. Unless it turns out to be pure absinthe, and you start seeing tulips on your legs).

You’ll then be served a little amuse bouche to cleanse your palate before enjoying two glasses of wine. And by this point, you never know – your heightened sense of smell might even allow you to impress your date by discerning an aroma other than ‘grapes’.

And if not? The waiters will be happy to pitch in.


NOTEYou can find out more and book on their website HERE.

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Pitch Black Bar

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