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Jason Allen 23/10/22

Planet Ardbeg

Some rather graphic things are taking place at this pop up.

Because the renowned whisky distillers at Ardbeg are using it to celebrate the launch of Planet Ardbeg, a 40-page sci-fi anthology created by three cutting-edge artists. There’ll be all manner of fun goings on, from drawing classes to t-shirt screen printing, to retro arcade games, and a chance to get hold of those all-new, and rather dazzling graphic novels.

And, of course, a lot of whisky.

It’s all taking place over three days next weekend right in the centre of Shoreditch, in a space sizeable enough to fit – to use the technical term – a buttload of stuff. Entry is completely free, and alongside a bar serving the good stuff (Ardbeg cocktails will be just £9 a pop), you’ll also find an arcade stuffed with old school games of Pacman & pinball, and a comic book store where you can snag one of the limited edition graphic novels that all the fuss is about.

Planet Ardbeg

Of course you don’t just secure yourself a spot of primo Shoreditch real estate for the weekend in order to not put on a hefty lineup of fun events, so you won’t be surprised to hear that there’s also… a hefty lineup of fun events. Expect everything from an exclusive graphic drawing masterclass led by local comic book illustrator Laura Howell (she’s worked at The Beano for over a decade), to a professional screen-printing workshop where you can make your own t-shirt. Plus, they’ve got a a couple of free film screenings: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) at 5:30pm and Alien (1979) at 8:00pm.

Planet Ardbeg

Of course, all this Ardbegs the question: what about the comics? Well, Take it with a Grain of Sand by Emma Ríos (an award winning artist who’s worked extensively with Marvel & DC) is a paean to Ardbeg Ten Years Old, and tells of a “mystical quest through a land lost to time”. Guardians of Oa by Sanford Greene (his last graphic novel won the Eisner Award, which is like the Oscars of comics) is an homage to Ardbeg An Oa, and is an action-packed epic about a copper city coming under attack from a monstrous creature. And finally The Best Laid Schemes by Ronald Wimberley (he is, would you believe it, also an award winning artist) is a magnificent visual toast to Ardbeg Wee Beastie, and takes the shape of a a fast-paced neo-western.

It looks like the next thing they’ll be drawing is a crowd.


NOTE: Planet Ardbeg takes place between Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October (12pm-10pm Fri-Sat & 12-5pm Sun), at White Rabbit Studios in Shoreditch. Entry is free. If you’re keen to find out more about the artists, visit Ardbeg’s website here.


White Rabbit Studios | The Arches, 471-473 Dereham Pl, EC2A 3HJ

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Planet Ardbeg

The Arches, 471-473 Dereham Pl, Shoreditch, East London, EC2A 3HJ