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Jason Allen 06/03/17

Whisky & Wings, For One Night Only

Randy’s Wing Bar | Stratford Restaurant & Bar

Chickens are flightless.

Yet despite that, their wings are still possibly their best asset.

And no-one appreciates that fact more than the people at Randy’s Wing Bar. Those people are Richard and Andy, two friends with a mutual love of chicken wings, strong family ties to a Norfolk farm, and one tasting pilgrimage to deep Southern America where – from the best pit masters in the world – they developed a catalogue of mouth watering wing sauces. Sauces that in 2015 saw them become the first-ever international competitor invited to attend the National Buffalo Wing Festival in New York.

Now they’re providing the backdrop for a seriously enticing evening of guided whisky tastings & delicious chicken wings. Here’s how it’s going to go down:

1) You’ll arrive, and be impressed at Randy’s light, airy, and industrial-yet-inviting atmosphere. Then you’ll take a leisurely hunt for seats, until you realise that the entire 60-cover venue has been set aside for just half that number of guests to ensure it’s as intimate as possible. After all, you are about to be guided through a selection of very nice whiskies.

2) Settling in, a plate of the restaurant’s signature smoked paprika chicken scratchings will appear in front of you thanks to your waiter/waitress. In exchange, you’ll tell them which two kinds of wings you’d like to try.

3) Your first round of whiskies – a pair of Scottish & Irish drams – will arrive. And of course, there’ll then be an expertly guided tasting to help you get the most out of them.

4) Now, the wings come in to land. Depending on what you sprung for, they’ll be two orders from either the classic Buffalo with truffle blue cheese; the sticky & sweet Korean Gangnam; or the BBQ-style Kansas wings. Oh, and a pair of any of their sides (including the likes of Buffalo shrimp, tangy slaw, sumac salad, furious fries, etc.). Plus a specially designed, one-night only whisky wing sauce.

5) After that, it’s round two of the whiskies: another pair of Scotch & Irish numbers to savour, and another guided tasting to deftly steer you through them.

6) Once the tastings are over, there’ll be more time for socialising, and more wings (should you have room), and there’ll be more complimentary boozy treats being handed out on the side to boot.

So you won’t want to take off quite yet.

NOTE: This Whisky n’ Wings event is now sold out… however you can get waiting list tickets within The Nudge Box Office on this page.  Taking place on 22nd March from 7pm, tickets cost £35 for two (so just £17.50 each). And of course you can still head along to Randy’s Wing Bar any time you like with a general reservation.

Whisky ‘n’ Wings | 28 East Bay Lane, The Press Centre, Hackney Wick, London E20 3BS

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Randy’s Wing Bar

28 East Bay Lane, The Press Centre, Hackney Wick, East London, E20 3BS