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Hattie Lloyd 24/07/17

Road at Royal Court Theatre

Road at The Royal Court Theatre

Road shows.

They tend to travel around a lot.

But 30 years after making its spectacular debut, Road is back exactly where it all started. This restaging of a classic is set to be one of the biggest plays of the summer, taking place in the elegant yet trailblazing Royal Court Theatre – known for its relentless dedication to showcasing emerging writers and staging bold, brand-new productions …and then staging them again, three decades later, apparently.

Only better.

Because this the 30th anniversary of Road at The Royal Court, after it premiered in the very same theatre back in ’86. The first play from dramatist Jim Cartwright (who went on to snag an Olivier for one of his later comedies), it’s a dark comedy following the stories of a motley cast of characters in a desperate and deprived community in Lancashire. Struck by recession and the political changes afoot in the mid-eighties, they ruminate on the meaning of life (“it’s like walking through meat in high heels“), uncovering deep philosophical truths – as is so often the case – on a big night out.

So essentially, it’s a more artistic version of your typical night on the town.

And that artistry is thanks in no small part to the fact that it’s directed by John Tiffany, hot off the heels of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child – and while you probably won’t be seeing as many mind-blowing stage effects, you can expect him to treat the production with his award-winning attention to detail. He’s assembled a cast of stupendously talented folk along the way, including acclaimed poet Lemn Sissay MBE – appearing as the audience’s drunken tour guide, Sculley.

So all that’s left… is to get the show on the road.


NOTE: Road runs between 21st July and 9th September at the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs. Tickets cost between £12 and £45 and can be booked online HERE.

Road | Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, SW1W 8AS

Photo credit: Sarah Weal

Road at Royal Court Theatre

Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, Sloane Square, West London, SW1W 8AS

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