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Hattie Lloyd 15/12/17

Rudolph’s Christmas Rage Room

Rudolph’s Christmas Rage Room

Some people hate Christmas.

They think whoever invented it should be crucified.

And they’re just perfect for Rudolph’s Christmas Rage Room.

Set in a secret location near Regent’s Canal, the idea is pretty simple: you get armed with a (ugh) festively red jumpsuit, hard hat, and baseball bat before being introduced to a room filled with nauseatingly Christmassy paraphernalia including trees, baubles, dancing Santas and much much more. And then you go to town on it all for 4 minutes of straight carnage, to a Christmas soundtrack of your choice.

Then, as a wind down, you head to a pop up bar for unlimited drinks (there’s wine for £20, and prosecco for £30).

It’s all taking place this Saturday, and the following Monday, and tickets are only £3.

Yule never regret it.


NOTE: Tickets to Rudolph’s Rage Room are £18 for 4 minutes of prosecco-fuelled destruction, or £3 if you just want to watch and drink. Sessions are taking place on Saturday the 16th, and Monday the 18th of December. You can get tickets HERE.

Rudolph’s Christmas Rage Room | A Secret, Angry Location

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