Sabina Culver 16/01/23

Saint Jude

The bad boys of artfully-created-interactive-immersive-games-cum-plays-cum-happenings, the ingenious Swamp Motel were the gang behind The Drop, a brilliant, artisanal escape room style experience in an Aldgate office block. And they’ve pulled something unusual out the bag once more: their latest offering, titled Saint Jude, is an enticing, high-concept mystery.

You’ll enter a mysterious ‘Government building’ in Westminster, between The Ministry of Justice and The Department of Health & Social Care. In this site-specific location you’ll get to know the work of Saint Jude, a company which uses software to communicate with people in lifelong, irreversible comas – reading their brain patterns and translating them into speech.

saint jude

Now, the company is on the hunt for participants to join the programme, and explore the minds of ‘the sleepers’ – which is, of course, where you come in. You’ll take on the role of a ‘guide star’, and help administer St Jude’s pioneering treatment, in the hopes of awakening a sleeper.

Amazingly, you’ll only see a couple of live actors in the entire show – the rest of the action takes place between you and the patient you communicate with. And for this, Swamp Motel have partnered with Charisma, AI specialists who use cutting-edge technology to bring digital personas to life – a match made in unsettling-science-fiction heaven.

If you’ve ever experienced a Swamp Motel production you’ll doubtless be keen for more – and if you haven’t, now’s the perfect time to dive in. Like all the best ghost stories, it’s relatively short, but unsettling, and will leave you feeling a little creeped out.

Just be swift when it comes to booking tickets – the box office is likely to be swamped.


NOTE: Saint Jude runs until 11th March 2023. You can snap up tickets right here.

Saint Jude | 100 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EA

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Saint Jude

100 Petty France, Westminster, SW1H 9EA