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Talisa Dean 29/12/17

Screen On The Green

Terrible decision-makers, rejoice.

The Screen on the Green is here to make your life considerably easier by only having one screen. That’s right, just as it was when the place opened in 1913, so it is now – there’s just one flick playing at a time, take it or leave it.

And while that makes it one of the country’s oldest cinemas, they certainly haven’t skimped on the modern amenities. The place was taken over by the Everyman group a few years ago, and they’ve dolled it up with all their signature comforts. It’s now quite the prettiest cinema you’ve seen, right from the neon-drenched outside, to the grand theatre-like auditorium, which has been filled with plush reclining armchair seating, sofas, footrests, little tables, and cushions. Oh, and there’s one more pleasant sight: a bar at the back of the screen.

That bar does a lot of legwork, too. It provides a direct-to-seat service, with waiters stealthily bringing you wine, beer, and a range of cocktails that include everything from a classic Old Fashioned or an Espresso Martini, to a whole sharing bottle of rum described as “a film’s worth of rum & ginger”.

Then there’s the food menu, which boasts the likes of pepperoni pizzas & aubergine mezze, which is all good and well… but the real prize here is the dessert. You see, not only do they do straight-up cookie dough (made fresh in-house), but they have an entire build-your-own ice cream sundae menu. All the scoops are supplied by Maresfield Farm, who make the ice cream exclusively from their herd of 250 organic-fed cows, and you can load the glass up with three flavours, drizzled with three sauces, and buried in three toppings, including honeycomb bites, mini marshmallows, crushed Oreos, chocolate flake, crushed meringue…

You know what? Perhaps this isn’t the best place for terrible decision makers after all.


NOTE: Screen On The Green is open now. You can find out more and make a booking at their website right HERE.

Screen On The Green | 83 Upper Street, The Angel, N1 0NP

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Screen On The Green

83 Upper Street, The Angel, Islington, N1 0NP

01233 555642