Jason Allen 18/07/22

Secret Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing

Ordinarily, locations for Secret Cinema’s shows are kept tightly under wraps.

But, rather unusually, we can tell you exactly where their current production is taking place: The Catskill Mountains.

In 1963.

Because the iconic, romantic, rug-cutting Swayze-fest that is Dirty Dancing is getting the Secret Cinema treatment in a limited three-week run. It all takes place under the blue sky and – as the movie gets going – the stars themselves, in a vast recreation of a retro, all-American holiday camp with dance lessons, sports day events and louche staff parties.

secret cinema dirty dancing

Luke Dyson

As with all of Secret Cinema’s events, the enjoyment lies in not really knowing what to expect, so we won’t give too much away here. But — dressed head to toe in your finest vintage gladrags — you’ll be swept up into a world of the ’60s, with cha-cha lessons, live music, exotic cocktails, watermelon-lugging, and a healthy distaste for being put in a corner. And after taking in all as much of the resort, the food stalls, bars, and set-pieces as you can (there’s a lot going on), you’ll begin to hear whispers. Rumours. Talk of a secret party, for staff only. And you’ll have to decide if you’re going to play by the rules or not…

dirty dancing secret cinema

Luke Dyson

The evening all climaxes in a screening of the film itself, accompanied in that quintessential SC way by actors, dancers and actual cars reenacting classic moments as they happen. All in all, there’s over 4+ hours of sheer, joyous, and literally uplifting entertainment. And yes…

… you’ll have the time of your life.


NOTE: Secret Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing runs until 31st July 2022. You can book now: tickets start at £35 and are available right HERE.

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