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Sharp’s Brewery Competition

Sharp’s Brewery Competition | Partner Content

Please note this competition is now closed.

The epicentre of London Beer Week is settling down in the East End this year.

…So yes, it will be full of hopsters.

Because besides the rickshaw brewery tours, keg parties and masterclasses happening all week, LBW is stepping it up a notch this year, with a grand finale weekender: The Beer Edit.

There’ll be more breweries than they’ve ever hosted before, taking over the entirety of Bethnal Green’s Oval Space to create what can only be described as a village of beer. And they’ll be serving up everything from the big names to smaller craft brews at the main DrinkUp bar…

…but since you’re in the know, you’ll be making a beer-line straight for the Sharp’s bar.

And it’s not because of the beach they’ve literally picked up from their Cornwall home and plonked down in the middle of East London, nor is it down to the Beer Ping (which they were playing waaay before Pong), their expansive collection of beer, or even their LBW-exclusive beer, Botanicale: a juniper wheat lovechild created in conjunction with a local Cornish distillery.

It’s because you will be personally ushered into their undercover, multi-sensory and just-about-every-other-ear-pricking-adjective, In Flight Beer Experience.

While everyone else will have to join the desperate hopefuls queueing for a spot, as a competition winner, you’ll be led straight past the other punters and beer-swilling merry-makers to a hidden location, tucked out of sight somewhere in the Oval Space. Here, you’ll be taken on a secret and very sacred immersive pilsner tasting pilgrimage, led through evocative wafts of subtle aromas, proffered cups of their finest beer and exclusive concoctions, and initiated into the origins and evolutions of pilsner from a master beer sommelier.

After which, armed with your newfound knowledge – and an extra two beer tokens – you’ll be free to navigate the rest of the village like a pro.

Hop to it.

NOTE: There are 12 pairs of tickets to be won, which will gain you (and your companion) free access to The Beer Edit, 2 additional beer tokens each, and guaranteed access to the highly limited capacity Sharp’s immersive tasting journey. You can enter using the competition box on this page, and for full T&Cs, please click HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Tickets to the Beer Edit cost £10 and can be booked HERE. There are four sessions taking place – Thursday 16th (6pm-11pm), Friday 17th (6pm-11pm), & Saturday 18th (noon-5pm; 6pm-11pm).

London Beer Week | Oval Space, 29-32 The Oval, E2 9DT


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Sharp’s Brewery Competition

Oval Space, 29-32 The Oval, Bethnal Green, East London, E2 9DT

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