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An Immersive Sherlock Adventure Is Coming To London

Sherlock: The Game Is Now

Sherlock: The Game Is Now | Immersive Escape Room

Sherlock fans.

You’re going to want to know Watson this December.

Because the creators behind the very same cult TV show, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, have teamed up with escape room aficionados Time Run (whose previous escapades have involved shifting chronological periods; mysterious arcane forces and a robotic assistant named Babbage) to create a fully interactive, Sherlock-themed immersive adventure.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now

You’ll don the closest thing you have to a deerstalker, enlist the help of your most astute friends, and make your way to a sprawling, top secret venue (which may or may not be a bricks-and-mortar incarnation of Sherlock’s mind palace). Anxious, they’ll ask you exactly what’s in store – at which point you’ll cast your mind back to the picture above, and remember how you immediately made a number of deductions, namely that

1) The perfect symmetry of the marbled textures naturally suggests that the experience will entail a 90 minute adventure through five different escape rooms; each more fiendish than the last; and each a faithful recreation of some of the most recognisable settings from the programme;

2) That from Watson’s furrowed brow, you instantly inferred that you’ll be accompanied by three to five of your closest friends as you’re pitted against a series of dastardly puzzles, riddles and conundrums; collecting clues against the clock to earn your release from the er, Sher-locked room; and

3) That the precise shade of yellow used for the smiley face unequivocally signalled that there will be frequent appearances from original cast members, in the form of timely audio and visual recordings to prompt you as you come up against obstacles in your journey.

But knowing your powers of deduction, you won’t even need the hints.

They’re merely supplementary, Watson.


NOTE: Sherlock: The Game Is Now will open in London in December 2018. Tickets are on sale NOW and cost £54pp – book yours right HERE.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now | Secret Location

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