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An Immersive Sherlock Adventure Is Coming To London

Sherlock: The Game Is Now

Sherlock: The Game Is Now | Immersive Escape Room

Last Updated: 6th December 2018

Sherlock fans.

You’re going to want to know Watson next year.

Because the creators behind the cult TV show, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, have teamed up with escape room aficionados Time Run (whose previous escapades have involved shifting chronological periods; mysterious arcane forces and a robotic assistant named Babbage) to create a fully interactive, Sherlock-themed immersive adventure.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now

It’s taking place in the most unassuming of spots – the W12 Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. Head in there, and at first, you might not spot anything out of the ordinary. That is, until you notice that the opticians on the corner has something slightly off about it. Curiosity piqued, you’ll head inside, and will be promptly ushered into a back room for an eye test…

only to find yourself in a screening room where you’ll be debriefed by Watson, who’ll bring you up to speed – Sherlock is missing, and his network of informants is mysteriously depleting. Your job? To prove yourself a worthy ally. Of course to think like Sherlock, you’ll need to put yourself in his shoes. Which is exactly why your next stop will be 221b Baker Street, faithfully and painstakingly recreated from the series, down to every last detail (they consulted with the original set designer, and literally created their own reproduction wallpaper since it was out of print).

Sherlock Game Is Now Immersive Adventure

What follows is a fast-paced, hour-long immersive escape room experience, weaving through different rooms across a 17,000 square foot space; some of which will feel exactly like they’ve been lifted right from the show… only this time, you’re the main character. Your team will be pitted against a series of dastardly puzzles, riddles and conundrums; collecting clues against the clock to earn your release from each room – with, thankfully, the occasional recorded message from the original cast to help you along.

And whether you manage to make it through or not, there’s a hidden enclave at the very end, plastered in Edwardian wallpaper and staffed by costumed barkeeps who’ll serve you up a stiff drink as you process what just happened…or, if you’ve pre-booked, a full afternoon tea, with scones, sandwiches, cakes and any tea you like.

Complimentary, my dear Watson.


NOTE: Sherlock: The Game Is Now opens in January 2018. Tickets are on sale now for teams of 4-6 and cost £54pp – book yours right HERE.

Sherlock: The Game Is Now | W12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush Green, W12 8PP

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Sherlock: The Game Is Now

W12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush Green, Shepherd's Bush, West London, W12 8PP


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