Skylight Winter Season
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Skylight Winter Season

Skylight | Winter Season 2019

Skylight are starting to let things slide…

…because they’ve once again added a rooftop ice rink to their covetable spot on a Wapping carpark rooftop (with unobstructed views of London’s finest stretches of skyline) for the winter.

Granted, it’s also probably not the biggest arena you’ve ever skated fallen over on, but it’s got to be one of the most atmospheric. And it also means you’ll be able to go for a 45 minute spin before investigating what else they have on offer.

Skylight Wapping Winter

For one, you could play a round of ice hockey shoot out, in which you try to slide pucks past a kitted-out goalkeeper. Or, you could grab a bite of the street food on offer, and sit under one of the heated pergolas. Or you could just head to the viewing deck to see what London looks like from the 10th floor.

Annnd then there’s the igloos. They’ve added four for the new season. And thankfully, they’re the kind that can survive a housewarming. Each igloo can fit up to 10 people – you’ll all get a piping hot glass of mulled wine on arrival, and there’ll be blankets & heaters inside to amp up the cosiness of the space. You and your party can then either score some drinks from the cocktail bar, or should you so desire, you can also get a sharing platter courtesy of The Raclette Brothers, in which a huge block of cheese will be melted right there in your igloo and scraped onto potato, pickles, crispy pancetta, etc.

Heading down a level you’ll find the Snug Bar, a fully heated and enclosed area complete with cosy rugs, neon accents and another full service bar, putting out hot cocktails, cold cocktails, and mulled wine.

It’s just what happens in high society.


NOTESkylight is open Thursday-Sunday. Entry is free but £12 skating tickets can be bought on arrival, and private areas booked online HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Dogs are welcome until 6pm on Thurs-Sat, and all day Sunday.

Skylight Winter Season | Penning St. Car Park, Wapping Lane, E1W 2SF

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Skylight Winter Season

Penning Street Car Park, Wapping Lane, Wapping, East London, E1W 2SF
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