Skylight Winter Season | Oh, This? Just A Rooftop Ice Rink
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Skylight Winter Season

Skylight Winter Season

Skylight Winter Season

Skylight are starting to let things slide…

…because they’ve added a rooftop ice rink to their covetable spot on a Wapping carpark rooftop (with unobstructed views of London’s finest stretches of skyline) for the winter.

Granted, it’s probably not the biggest arena you’ve ever skated fallen over on, but it’s got to be one of the most atmospheric. And it also means you’ll be able to go for a 45 minute spin before investigating…


They’ve kept on some of their stalwarts from the summer season, but they’ve also added delicious, melty cheese fondue to the mix, that can be ordered in huge sharing pots for the table. And which, naturally, can be followed up with a chocolate fondue.


With two heated bar areas, they’re serving up cocktails with a seasonal twist, craft beers, and mulled wine and cider to keep you nice and toasty.


It’s a rooftop, and therefore an unequivocally excellent place to spend your evening, either tucked under blankets in the bar overlooking the ice rink, trying your luck at the ice hockey minigames, or throwing some shapes with their series of guest DJs within the car park.

It’s just what happens in high society.


NOTESkylight is open Thurs-Sun until 11pm. Entry is free but £10 skating tickets can be bought on arrival, and private areas booked online HERE.

Skylight Winter Season | Penning St. Car Park, Wapping Lane, E1W 2SF

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Skylight Winter Season

Penning Street Car Park, Wapping Lane, Wapping, East London, E1W 2SF

020 7680 4001


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