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Som Saa Lates | Late Night Thai

Like we always say, when it comes to visiting Som Saa, it’s better late than never.

Mainly because once a month, going late means that you’ll find yourself in a late-night Thai party, with plates of street food wafting past, free-flowing cocktails and a couple of old hands on the vinyl decks.

We don’t know who left them there.

After 11pm, when punters would usually have to head home, the chefs will be firing up the grills again to serve up street food staples like Gai Yaang (coconut-smoked grilled chicken served with a tamarind dipping sauce), and Mu waan (candied sweet pork cooked in palm sugar, fish sauce and spices).

Wait. You can eat that late?

Too right, buddy. And the bar will also be open until 1.30am, serving up Asian beers from Singha and tank beer from the Camden craft brewery. And as if it wasn’t enough to have access to all their usual culinary cocktails like the Krahang Old Fashioned (with sandalwood-smoked bourbon and palm sugar gomme), there’ll also be a monthly, late-exclusive guest cocktail and Bangkok-style whiskey and soda ice buckets.

Drinks too? Truly Som Saa, you’re spoiling us…

Then wait till you hear this. Because they’re drafting in DJs from vinyl record companies to spin the decks while the chefs are spinning plates, covering everything from house and hip hop to Thai funk and East African folk.

Proving there’s more than one old fabric warehouse in London to dance in…

NOTE: Som Saa Lates take place from 11pm on the first Saturday of every month.

Som Saa | 43a Commercial Street, E1 6BD

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Som Saa Lates

43a Commercial Street, Spitalfields, East London, E1 6BD

020 7324 7790

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