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In your dreams…

(No, really).

Welcome to SOMNAI, a brand new “lucid dreaming” experience located over two floors of a 20,000 square feet warehouse in central London which promises to help you master your subconscious mind, by controlling your dreams.

Brought to you by DotDotDot, the experience – which is to be enjoyed within groups of six – mixes live performance with multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies to embed you in SOMNAI’s world, where anything is possible…


On joining your group, you’ll promptly be asked to change into pyjamas (a fairly standard start…)  before being introduced to a dream guide that’ll act as your guide through the world of lucid dreaming. You’ll then disappear into a series of “dream worlds” built from virtual and augmented reality, all spread across two floors of the vast warehouse space and brought to life “with intricate layers of visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and virtual stimuli”…. before being confronted by a moral dilemma which will determine the course of your ongoing journey.  

After the whole thing finishes – and your decisions have played themselves out into a unique-to-you journey – you’ll be reunited with your friends for a celebratory cocktail inside a bar which combines a morphing set with spatial augmented reality and drinks that change as you consume them.

And then you’ll just drift off…

…home, naturally.

NOTE: SOMNAI is playing now, and you can secure tickets riiiight HERE


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