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Stay At Home Festival

Stay At Home Festival | Your new favourite chat show

The Stay At Home Festival is both a good piece of advice, and a good way to follow that advice.

It’s a free, daily, live-streamed chat show hosted by comedians (and all-round well-connected people) Robin Ince & Josie Long. They’re bringing their many buddies from the worlds of television, art, and science into the delightfully witty conversation, then liberally peppering it all with a few fun guest spots & musical interludes.

They’ve got some pretty big names lined up too – you can expect some casual chat from the likes of Stephen Merchant, Professor Brian Cox, Jo Brand, Al Murray, astronaut Chris Hadfield, Adam Kay, Josie Long, Sara Pascoe, and Natural History Museum curator Miranda Lowe.

Like we said, they’re well-connected.

It’s all quite casual. At around 10am each day – and occasionally 8.30pm too – the guests all log onto a collective Skype chat, then livestream the whole thing on YouTube. They then converse about anything even slightly hilarious and/or interesting for about an hour with the occasional interlude from guests like musician Grace Petrie, or ‘anarchist cook’ George Egg, who makes breakfast in his shed by (amongst other things) poaching an egg with a wallpaper stripper.

Shows are live-streamed, buuuut you can catch up on most of them by heading to their YouTube channel, where they’re aiming to archive as much as possible. And lastly, as we mentioned, it is indeed all free – although you can tip if you choose to, with all the proceeds going to performing artists who’ve had their livelihoods quite suddenly snatched away from them.

It’s the sociable thing to do.

NOTE: Stay at Home Festival is running daily until at least April 3rd. You can see the full lineup, and tune into the shows right HERE. To see previous shows, head right HERE.


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