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Jason Allen 14/02/17

Tasting Through the Ages

Tasting Through the Ages | An historical dinner at Boringdon Hall

Fancy indulging in a little light time travel?

Allow us to introduce you to Tasting Through the Ages.

It takes place at Devon’s outstanding Boringdon Hall hotel, and it’s an an eight-course generational jaunt of dishes inspired by the hall’s own vast, thousand year history.

The man behind the concept (and indeed, the pass) is rapidly rising culinary star Scott Paton. He’s the head chef at the hotel’s Àclèaf restaurant, and he’s done the work of digging into the venue’s voluminous past, uncovering the little gems that inspire a great dish, then walking the tightrope between historical accuracy and modern fine-dining standards.

Tasting through the ages

Your evening will all take place in the restaurant’s private dining room. Like the hotel itself, it’s a stately, grand affair filled with ancient paintings and ornate woodwork. After enjoying a welcome drink, taking a seat, and marvelling at the sheer volume of cutlery & glassware in front of you, Scott himself will then come out to introduce the first course. It’s a little much to list all of them here, but highlights include:

Brawn, 1086 – This is a delicate pork terrine with quince and poached pear inspired by the common foods at the time of Boringdon’s first mention in the Domesday book.

Halibut, 1587 – A dish of halibut cured in lime & mint, and served with a mojito, inspired by the banquet John Parker gave attended by Sir Francis Drake & Sir Walter Raleigh. Drake, it seems, had a hand in inventing the mojito (or so the legend goes).

Deer Salad, 1743 – After Boringdon was given royal consent for a deer park, a considerable amount more venison would have been eaten, and here it’s served with spiced fig & chicory.

It’ll all be wine-paired of course, and by the end, the time will seem to have passed in mere moments.

A little more time travel, if you will.


NOTE: Tasting Through The Ages will take place on three dates in 2020 – Friday 3rd April, Friday 17th July, and Friday 18th September. You can book tickets directly, or combine the experience into an overnight stay HERE.

Boringdon Hall | Colebrook, Plympton, PL7 4DP

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Tasting Through the Ages

Boringdon Hall, Plympton, Devon, PL7 4DP