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Jason Allen 24/07/18

Beautiful Allotment

Beautiful Allotment | Drink In The Garden

Beautiful Allotment.

It’s the perfect place to raise a glass to your tulips.

After all, it’s big, it’s lush, and it looks just like a sizeable chunk of verdant English countryside has been planted right in the heart of the capital. The ‘heart’, in this instance, referring to the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton. And the ‘English countryside’ in this instance referring to the bit with cocktails and BBQs.

It’s all been set up and organised by champions of quintessential Britishness Bourne & Hollingsworth – and what they’ve created is essentially a giant, private garden popping up from 25th July for 5 weeks. Should you prebook it, your journey will begin when you and up to 30 friends are all picked up by their vintage tractor trailer (which will find you anywhere with a mile of the venue), and where an onboard barkeep will mix up cocktails for the journey to the Allotment itself.

Once you’re there, you can expect:

  • Bookable day beds – there are four of them, and they’re dangling from trees. And speaking of trees…
  • A tree house – it’s a large geometrically domed structure in the canopy of a huge oak, and it’s got space for 10 people.
  • Potting sheds – with seating both inside and out.
  • A polytunnel – larger than the ones you’re used to, there’s space for a banqueting table inside…
  • Looots of booze – including cocktails made from ingredients grown in the grounds themselves, and wheelbarrows filled with ice & bottles being carted around the venue by roaming ‘garden-tenders’.
  • Plenty of BBQ – there’ll be several raised ‘cue areas all serving a selection of locally sourced vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat options.
  • A tractor to take you there – it’s worth mentioning this one again.

Add to all of this a host of trailing plants, vegetable patches, repurposed items, and homemade pieces of furniture, and all in all, there isn’t anything about this allotment not to love. And if there is, don’t worry.

It’ll grow on you.

NOTE: Beautiful Allotment will run from 25th July for five weeks. You can find out more, and get a ticket at their website right HERE.

The Geffrye Museum | 136 Kingsland Road, E2 8EA

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Beautiful Allotment

The Geffrye Museum, 136 Kingsland Road, Hoxton, E2 8EA