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Jason Allen 02/09/21

Enjoy A Riverside Wine Tasting At Somerset House

You’re breathing in the summer air on the river terrace of Somerset House, at dusk on a balmy Friday evening.

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon you take in the glittering Thames before you, and the magnificent Somerset House to the rear. And yet the most beautiful sight lies betwixt them – a collection of over one hundred outstanding German wines lined up and ready for you to browse, taste, reflect on, suck through your teeth, roll around your mouth, taste again, say something clever about hay and berries, and then deftly move on from in order to sample the next on your list.

That’s the idea of The Big G, a very special riverside showcase of the very finest wines that the entire nation of Germany has to offer. It’s being hosted by Wines Of Germany on the River Terrace at Somerset House on Friday 17th of September; spaces are extremely limited; and – should you be fortunate enough to secure a ticket – it will essentially involve you, with tasting glass in hand, being let loose for three hours on over 100 of the finest German wines currently available through the UK’s best wine merchants (including Humble Grape, Lea & Sandeman, Newcomer Wines, Waitrose and The Sourcing Table). There’ll even be a wine industry expert picking their favourites, too…

Now should you know very little about German wines – which knowing you, is unlikely – please rest assured that our Teutonic cousins have been building up quite the viniculture scene over recent centuries, and at The Big G you’re going to see exactly why they’re so keen to show it off. Because not only is Germany producing some first-class fruity Pinot Noirs, crisp Sauvignon Blancs and refreshing Rosés – it’s also been busy nurturing a few less familiar varietals, too. So head along for a taste of a lively Silvaner, or a glass of German’s sparkling Sekt… and you may end up leaving with a bottle.

Of course given that there are going to be over one hundred wines available for you to try (not sure if we mentioned that already) it stands to reason that there should be some food on hand to match all of these wonderful wines up with… and so lots of food you shall encounter – courtesy of everyone’s favourite street food peddlers KERB.  It also stands to reason that with so many wines on offer, there should be a helping hand there to assist you in navigating your way around all the options. And so many helping hands you shall also encounter – in the form of both talks and experts guiding you through all of the different wines, and generally taking you on a whistlestop tour of Germany’s leading vineyards.

Essentially summer will be over soon, and this seems like a lovely way to bid it farewell.

Just don’t forget to stop and smell the rosé…

NOTE: The Big G hosted by Wines Of Germany is taking place between 6.30pm – 9.30pm, Friday 17th September, on the River Terrace at Somerset House. Tickets cost just £15 for Nudge Readers including all wine for three hours. You can find out more, and get your ticket right HERE.

River Terrace at Somerset House | Strand, WC2R 1LA

Can’t wait? You can get several bottles of excellent German vine hooch at Humble Grape.

The Big G

Somerset House, Strand, Aldwych , Central London, WC2R 1LA