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The Carcass Club

The Carcass Club.

Yes, it might sound a little odd… but it’s definitely better than ‘the dead body club’.

It’s an upcoming series of events set to take place over May courtesy of Flat Iron (masters of the great-while-not-being-too-spenny steak in London), and as you might have reasonably guessed, considering the restaurant involved, it’s going to be all about the beef. 

And it isn’t some cultish get-together of beef worship (although that isn’t discouraged per se); the idea is essentially to open your eyes to and give you a chance to try rare and exquisite beef cuts from Flat Iron Covent Garden’s butchery. The events will be held at Flat Iron’s Shoreditch outpost on Curtain Road with their Head of Beef, Fred Smith, playing the all-important role of host (Head of Beef is indeed his official title). 

flat iron

The first of these Carcass Club meet-ups will take place on Wed 3rd May. Stepping up to the plate first will be Native Angus, of which Fred will be bringing an entire carcass, chopping it up into a sharing-style menu divided between a raw dish, a grilled dish, a roasted dish and then another slow-cooked over a wood-fire spit, all supplemented by Flat Iron’s storied sides, annnd with a cool-down dessert in ice cream ‘with a twist’. 

Apparently Native Angus is one of the rarer breeds out there. In the team’s informed words ‘As a result of generation of selective breeding outside the UK, the original Angus has evolved, making the breed more commercial – it is now the dominant breed in most production systems around the world’. Compared to modern angus – which grows quickly and has a larger frame – Native is smaller and matures at a slower pace. If this all sounds foreign to you right now, don’t worry, you’ll probably be able to recite this word for word after dinner. Anyone hoping to join the Carcass Club will have to enter a ballot, as demand is high. Only then – with a little bit of luck – can you be in with the chance to nab a ticket.

Fingers crossed you’ll make the cut…


NOTE: The ballot for the first Carcass Club has now closed. Check back here for future events…

Flat Iron Shoreditch | 77 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3BS

Entered the ballot? While waiting, why not visit the original Flat Iron Soho

The Carcass Club

77 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3BS