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Hattie Lloyd 18/04/17

The Club

Doorbell ringing is a seriously underrated way to score an adrenaline rush.

It’ll always give you a buzz.

Especially if you set aside an evening this week to head down the backstreets of Leicester Square, track down the 6th door on the street and press the unmarked button above the golden plaque.

Because if you do, you’ll find yourself hustled inside, and into the enigmatic world of The Club – a hidden sphere that’s been carefully constructed for you to explore; laced with secret plotlines, eccentric characters and thrilling close-range performances.

Leaving the throngs of tourists behind, you’ll head up the stairs to parley with the imposing Book Keeper, entrusted with the responsibility of admitting new members to The Club. Here you’ll be given the chance to prove your eligibility – and should you meet their approval and succeed in the tasks set before you, you’ll slip them a dime or two and, in exchange, receive details of the secret location of The Club’s next meeting…

…and on Saturday 22nd April, the curious and inquisitive of London will gather in said location to submerge themselves in a secret society like no other. Throw yourself into the story, following charismatic figures like The Physician and The Muse to unravel The Club’s mystery, or grab some street food, sip on a bespoke cocktail and simply watch it all unfold before you.

And since it wouldn’t be a club without music, there’ll be a DJ on hand to keep you dancing into long into the morning.

So don’t worry, there’s no rush there.


NOTETickets to The Immersive Ensemble’s The Club are now available to buy HERE – or, should you wish to start your journey by meeting the Book Keeper, simply head along to 6 Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JB between 6 and 8pm, Monday – Friday. The event itself takes place in a secret location on 22nd April, from 8pm till 2am.