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Jason Allen 24/09/18

The Electrograph

The Electrograph | Talks & Performances In A Former Power Plant

The Lost Lectures, a series of captivatingly eccentric, eye-opening talks & performances set in extraordinary secret venues across London, New York, and Berlin have been – understandably – quite successful.

And now, that success has left its founders brazenly lusting for power.

By which, we very un-libelously mean that they’ve decided to hold their next series of mind-benders in a massive former power station. It’s a huge electricity substation building somewhere in Zone 2 that helped serve a ‘superhighway’ powering 20% of the capital, to be specific.

This is the Electrograph.

Inside that building, the bright sparks organising this whole thing have created an wonderland of voltage, with wall-to-floor projections painting the entire place with shifting patterns & responsive set design, all conspiring to create an “interactive playground of participatory delights”. Although the most participatory delight will be cocktail bar, which should go nicely with the street food stalls they’ve lined up: expect everything from steak to vegan food.


Each evening, they’ll have 4 keynote speakers from backgrounds as diverse as beatbox champions, hallucinogenics experts, grime photographers, and ‘The Secret Barrister’ himself. Of course they’re also planning on peppering each night with a few surprise performances and “immersive experiences” too, so expect the unexpectable. Some of the speakers already on the docket include:

  • Champion beatboxer Grace Savage, who has won the UK crown a mere 4 times.
  • The Secret Barrister, who will apparently be not-so-secret any more, ironically after appearing at this secret location.
  • Psychedelic expert Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, who’s currently leading the charge to get Big Pharma to open their own gates of perception.
  • Boring expert James Ward, who is the founder of both the Boring Conference, and the podcast The Boring Talks.
  • Award-winning sex educator Alix Fox who currently has a Radio 1 show called ‘Unexpected Fluids’.
  • Postcards from the Past founder Tom Jackson, who’ll be reading a collection of the funniest, weirdest and most moving real messages from the backs of old postcards.

And a whoooole lot more. This truly is just the tip of the very cool iceberg that is The Electrograph. They’re running from October 4th, across Thur/Fri/Sat nights until the end of the month. And Nudge readers are getting a 20% discount.

…say watt.


PLEASE NOTE: The Electrograph has now ended.

Somewhere Secret | Zone 2

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The Electrograph

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