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Jason Allen 14/10/22

The Epping Ongar Light Fantastic

Some of the winter lights trails around London can be quite moving.

But this one takes it to the next level.

The Epping Ongar Light Fantastic railway experience literally moves you from Ongar station out in Epping, through a festively bedecked route all the way to… Ongar station out in Epping. Which, it should be noted, is just outside of the M25, buuuut somehow used to be on the Central Line.

epping ongar light fantastic

Over the course of your 1 hour journey, you’ll get to experience a whole Polar Express’s worth of magic, with a steam train decked up to the nines in Christmas lights, and sent through forests past line-side light displays filled with woodland animals, fairies, and more. On board the train, there’s both festive music, and a narrated story to boot. You’re also encouraged to look out for the “mystical Tomte hiding along the way” who is, by the way, a Scandinavian Christmas gnome.

It’s running from November 18th until January 15th, with a small break for Christmas. Speaking of which, Santa won’t be there as “he, and the elves, will be busy wrapping presents”. The good news is, they seem to work nights – so if you’re not fussed about the illumination part of the experience, you can join a Santa Special train during the day when the big man will be making an appearance and walking through the carriages handing out presents to anyone who’s been good all year.

We’ll take a cup of tea and a packet of ready salted.


NOTE: The Epping Ongar Light Fantastic runs from 18th November 2022 until 15th January 2023. Tickets cost £20, or £120+ for a private compartment, and you can get them right HERE.

Epping Ongar Light Fantastic | Ongar Station, CM5 9AB

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The Epping Ongar Light Fantastic

Ongar Station, Epping, CM5 9AB
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