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Jason Allen 22/02/18

The Hunted Experience

The Hunted Experience | Immersive East London Game

Being ruthlessly pursued by a relentless team of hunters.

Are you game?

Because if you are, we have some good news for you: the people who run the solidly entertaining, debate-provoking, idea-seeding show Hunted are giving you a chance to take part in a low-calorie, miniaturised version of the experience. One that doesn’t involve you effectively suspending your entire life for a month.

Instead, you’ll be suspending your life for 90 heart-pounding minutes. That 90 minutes will represent the frantic, final stretch of the show, where the extraction point is so close the fugitives can almost smell it, and the Hunters are hot on their tails and closing in by the second.

At the outset, you’ll be dropped at an undisclosed East London location with nothing but some comfortable clothes, a fully charged phone, and the will to remain free. Your aim is to get to the Extraction Point before the Hunters get to you. As the deadline approaches, you’ll be fed more information – but in order to make the most of it, you and your team will have to solve encrypted clues, collect & bank crypto-currency, and gain the trust of your Contact, whilst always staying one step ahead of the Hunters.

That Contact will be your only ally (meant as something of a stand-in for the friends & family you’d likely have supporting you in the real show) but if you work your way into their good books, they’ll point you to safe-houses & supplies.

Teams are made up of between 1-3 people, meaning you can take it on solo should you wish – but you’re more likely to be able put together a decent navigational, evasive, and pseudo-criminal skill-set between a couple more people. And should you win? You won’t get to split £100k, but you will win a whole ton of pride.

Game on.

NOTE: The Hunted Experience has now taken place.

The Hunted Experience

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