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Jason Allen 27/07/17

The Inside Scoop By Fuller’s Kitchen

The Fuller’s Kitchen Ice Cream Bus  | Partner Content

If you don’t like scoops of ice cream…

…then the only thing you have to fear, is sphere itself.

That and the massive DOUBLE-DECKER ICE CREAM BUS that’s going to be touring London this weekend handing out totally free portions of the cold stuff.

It comes to us from Fuller’s Kitchen, and it’s called The Inside Scoop. Fuller’s have stripped the bus’s interior, decked it out with wood & grass, and installed a very, very cold kitchen. And this weekend, they’ll be parking up at different places in the city, inviting people on board, and giving them delicious, free, buffalo milk ice cream (more on that later).

Here’s the deal:


You’ll have to keep an eye on the Fuller’s Kitchen Instagram account to see where the bus is at any one time, buuut the broad strokes are they they’re sticking to the following itinerary-

  • Friday 28th July: Kensington, and Fuller’s in Chiswick.
  • Saturday 29th July: Prince Blucher and The Cabbage Patch in Twickenham, and The Duke Of Kent in Ealing.
  • Sunday 30th July: Battersea Park, Fulham, Frank Banfield Park, and The Blue Boat in Hammersmith.

Once you find the bus, you can just jump on board, and peruse –


Like we said, it’s all made from buffalo milk, from Laverstoke Farm. It’s more calcium rich than cow’s milk, producing a silkier ice cream at the end. And that ice cream comes in exotic flavours like coffee, cinnamon, cardamom, Earl Grey, orange chocolate chip, raspberry ripple, and mint chocolate chip.

Once you’ve snagged a free scoop, you can take it to the top deck of the bus, and enjoy it at your leisure, or choose to recline in one of their sun loungers….

NOTE: The Inside Scoop is visiting London from the 28th to the 30th of July. You can keep track of it right either right HERE  or via Fuller’s Kitchen Instagram Page.


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