The Jellied Eel | Cocktails in a beautiful, Art Deco pie & mash shop
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The Jellied Eel

The Jellied Eel

The Jellied Eel | Cocktails in a pie & mash shop

Last Updated: 25th June 2019

L. Manze has been serving up the classic Cockney dishes of pie, mash and jellied eels since 1929.

And now, 90 years later, they’re unleashing part two of their perfectly calculated master plan: serving up cocktails & croquetas after hours on weekends. How’s that for a mash-up.

Welcome to the Jellied Eel.

Every Friday & Saturday night this Summer, they’re going to dim the lights & pull out the shakers, setting up the space for cocktail-hunting punters – and what a space it is. It’s remained unchanged since it opened almost a century ago (it’s even been Grade II listed), and is still filled with its original Art Deco white tile walls & wooden, all-booth seating.

The Jellied Eel

The cocktails they’re putting out from behind the long marble counter/bar include a Sailor’s Old Fashioned (made with black spiced rum & pepper syrup); a Mumbling Negroni that’s smartly updated with rhubarb bitters; and the Spring in Tokyo, which smoothly blends sake with red wine by using vermouth as a bridging flavour. There’s even a ‘sharing Martini’ big enough for two, with a huge stick of olives.

The croquetas side of the whole equation at the Jellied Eel is filled by trios of crispy golden treats, whose flavours include some meltingly good Jamon Iberico, a little blue cheese, some classic spinach, and more. And they come with Bloody Mary ketchup or cider & horseradish mustard to dip them in.

In fact, like all the best eels, this place is electric.


NOTE: The Jellied Eel is open from 7pm, on Friday & Saturday nights until the end of July. You can find out more, and make a booking (for groups of 6+) at their Instagram page right HERE.

The Jellied Eel | Manze’s Pie & Mash Shop, 76 High Street, E17 7LD

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The Jellied Eel

76 High Street, Walthamstow, E17 7LD


9 / 10

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