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Jason Allen 05/09/18

The Literary Hour Are Back With Something Novel...

The Literary Hour | Treasure Island 

The Literary Hour’s last few quirky, novel-themed supper clubs have all sold out.

Which, ironically, made them impossible to book.

Well, now they’re back, and they’ve raided the library for a new classic to centre their supper club around: Treasure Island.

The whole thing is going to take place in an East London location which they’ve redressed to create a living homage to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic. It’s here that you’ll get your four-course menu (after a welcome cocktail, of course), with readings from the book itself to help contextualise each dish.

Now, generally speaking, it can take some extremely close reading of the various novels to draw out some menu items, as luck would have it, Long John Silver is actually nicknamed ‘Barbecue’ in the book. In order to keep the element of surprise on the evening however, they’ve nevertheless kept the menu specifics more or less under wraps – but you will definitely get plenty of grog, and some ‘sustainably sourced smoked kid’ (the goat kind, not the Jim Hawkins kind).

Peppered throughout the courses, they’ll also have a few of their customary surprises – previously they’ve included a Turkish Delight guess the flavour game (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe), snuff (Cider With Rosie) and Willy Wonka’s 3-course dinner chewing gum (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory). Obviously they’re not saying what these ones will be. Otherwise they wouldn’t be a surprise.

And, of course, there’ll also be a bar selling cocktails, wine, beer, and softs.

And we can presume there’ll be plenty of rum for sail, too.

NOTE: Treasure Island by The Literary Hour will take place from 27th September-7th October in Palm2. You can find out more, and book tickets right HERE.


The Literary Hour | Palm2 152-156 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QJ

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The Literary Hour

Palm2, 152-156 Lower Clapton Road, East London, East London, E5 0QJ

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