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Jason Allen 28/05/24

The Magician’s Table

Allow us to present to you The Magician’s Table – a delightful-sounding experience which is popping up in a secret London Bridge location for two months this autumn, and in which you’ll get live music, cocktails, and the the chance to see some top-shelf magicians perform the kind of close-up magic tricks that would, not too long ago, have inspired the local townsfolk to start a new religion/bonfire.

The Magician's Table

The team behind it all have some really good track records: the creatives involved have worked on immersive hits like Time Run and Sherlock: The Official Live Game, and the writers are the BAFTA & Olivier-winning duo who have worked on a bunch of Derren Brown’s biggest hits. They know storytelling, they know magic, and they know immersive-ness.

The Magician's Table

The story here is that you’ll be attending the wake of legendary carnival owner the Great Dieter Roterberg who, despite being dead, is still nevertheless attempting to pull off the one last great magic trick that has eluded him for his entire life. The space you’re sat in will be dressed as Roterberg’s own private performance space and workshop, and his widow will be leading the proceedings, while surrounded by evocative curio’s & mementos from Dieter’s life.

The whole experience lasts for about two hours, during which time you’ll be awed & astonished by closeup magic from some of “the UK’s finest magicians”, all while the storyline unfolds, the cocktails flow, and the live music plays. It’s only on for a strictly limited run, and when it’s all over, poof

…it’ll disappear.


NOTE: The Magicians Table is set to run from 5th September – 3rd November at a secret location in London Bridge. You can find out more at the website right here.

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The Magicians Table | A secret location

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The Magician’s Table

A Secret Location, London Bridge, South London,