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The ‘Neath

The ‘Neath | Immersive Bar

We were just thinking the other day that it was about time a group of creatives from Heist, Time Run and The Crystal Maze got together and built a secret subterranean members’ bar for creatures of the underworld…

And, sure enough, talk of the devil…

Welcome to the ‘Neath: a noplace, notime limbo between dimensions and worlds (currently rather appropriately located in the concealed set of railway arches underneath Waterloo station). You’ll enter this forgotten purgatory to discover a bolthole for devils & demons, paranormal patrons, and lost souls like yourself. It’s a pop up bar, but not as you know it – because it’s the setting for an immersive adventure into the dark world of the beyond. By purchasing a ticket, you’ll be signed up as a member of the bar, meaning you can return time and time again to play out different storylines. How far you venture each time is up to you; you might simply treat your liver for the evening, spying hidden liaisons from a distance and sipping on exclusively-created libations, or you might throw yourself in headfirst to the hedonism and intrigue of the underworld…

There’ll be unsavoury characters to meet and negotiate with, deals to make with the devil, secrets to unravel and clandestine conversations to overhear. Here, you’ll weave your own pathway, goaded on by a host of London’s finest, most experienced and enigmatic performers…

Just remember, the devil’s in the details.


NOTE: The ‘Neath will be clawing its way into the Vaults from 22nd-26th February 2017. Purchasing a ticket (£25 +booking fee) for the experience will allow you to return to the site as many times as you like within this period. Watch their trailer  for a glimpse what’s in store.

The ‘Neath | The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN

Like immersive theatre in subterranean settings? Well lookee what’s just down the hall

The ‘Neath

The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, South London, SE1 7NN

020 7401 9603

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