Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon | A New Immersive Adventure
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Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon

Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon

Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon | Partner Content

How do you go about creating a completely interactive Thunderbirds experience?

For one, you’ll need Brains.

And it’ll certainly help to make the whole thing the debut show for London’s very first purpose-built immersive theatre. That theatre is called The Buzz, and it’s an eco-friendly, flat-pack structure entirely dedicated to interactive performance – the first of its kind in London. You’ll find it in Mercato Metropolitano – the Italian street food market in Elephant & Castle – which also happens to have a lineup of 26 street food vendors, a studio, a supermarket, a boxing gym, a hidden cinema, a German craft brewery, and an urban mushroom farm.

The show has been put together by a veritable superteam of immersive event & theatrical talent, who’ve worked on shows like Alice’s Adventures Underground, Secret Cinema: Back to The Future and The Game’s Afoot.

Stepping inside The Buzz, you’ll be immediately enlisted in International Rescue, and your journey will begin. The premise is simple: Lady Penelope’s invited you to the launch of her latest mission, The Horizon Project. Only, she’s nowhere to be found, The Hood’s somehow breached Brains’ lab and Tracy Island is under cyberattack – leaving all the Thunderbirds compromised but one.

And that’s 2.

After a hasty initiation, you’ll board the craft (for those a little rusty, it’s the green, flying, vehicle-carrying one piloted by Virgil); crack codes, puzzles and riddles; and hone your concentration by raiding Lady P’s cocktail cabinet in a bid to defeat The Hood and restore order to Tracy Island. Oh, and it’s all against the clock.

And if that sounds like a lot of pressure, don’t worry.

There are no strings attached.

NOTE: Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon has been postponed until January 2019. In the meantime, The Buzz will be hosting the Time Travellers’ Ball

The Buzz | 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR

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Thunderbirds: Beyond The Horizon

42 Newington Causeway,, Elephant & Castle, South London, SE1 6DR


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