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Jason Allen 23/12/19

United Queendom

United Queendom | Monanarchy at Kensington Palace

The year is 1734.

And you’ve just been invited to the king’s birthday party.

And sure, the harpsichordist will be laying down some sick floor-fillers, the wigs will be crazy well-powdered, and you just know there’ll be ladies with hot AF moles painted on.

But the real fun is going to be the little tinderbox of a love triangle you’re about to see unspool. Because this particular immersive experience – which comes to us from the award-winning people at Les Enfants Terribles (The Game’s Afoot, Alice’s Adventures Underground, etc.) – is actually based on a true story.

United Queendom

It’s the incredible twist-filled tale of rivalry between King George II’s wife and his mistress, both of whom have been unjustly overlooked by history. On the one hand, you have Queen Caroline, a cannily intelligent woman who sought to punch through the social barriers that came pre-packed with her gender. Then there’s Henrietta Howard, the king’s enigmatic, witty, and ferociously competitive mistress, who has a little bombshell to drop at this particular shindig. Both women will go to war, and you’ll have to pick a side. There will be intrigue, games, scandal and “plenty of smiling through gritted teeth”.

Oh, and really hammer home the immersive element, it’s all going to take place within Kensington Palace itself, at the State Apartments where the story literally happened just under 300 years ago. And this being a party, you will get some booze, and a chance to dress up to the nines, and slap on your own powdered wig, should you fancy it.

It ought to be a real crown-pleaser.

NOTE: The United Queendom takes place from 28th February – 30th March 2020, at Kensington Palace. The experience lasts roughly 90mins. Tickets cost £35 – £49 (including a complimentary drink) and you can get them right HERE.


Kensington Palace | Kensington Gardens, W8 4PX

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United Queendom

Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, Kensington, W8 4PX