Variant 31 | An Insane Immersive Horror Experience

Variant 31

Variant 31

Variant 31 | An Insane Immersive Horror Experience

There’s only one thing scarier that a whole row of zombies.

A deadline.

And the people behind Variant 31 have to deal with both. They’ve got until September to complete work on Space 18, the mind-bogglingly vast immersive theatre space in central London where the show is due to take place. So, to take these one thing at a time, let’s start with that venue: it will be in Holborn, and will encompass – according to them – 35 floors across 7 buildings for a total of 25k square feet.

Inside that ridiculous amount of space, they’re putting in 120 actors trained in parkour, aerial acrobatics, stage combat, and something called “fire poi” which is exactly as cool as it sounds. The whole thing is promised to be extraordinarily detailed, with everything from the sets, to the lighting, to the music all being custom-designed for the show.

And as for the show itself? It’s going to be a 90min experience/game/thing that’ll start with a demonstration from Toxico Technology’s latest bio-weapon, Variant 31. Everything goes smoothly, and it’s a resounding success. For the zombies who rise from the dead, that is. For you, it’s a nightmare that will require you to work both with a team and individually to complete objectives, solve puzzles, and escape alive from the freakishly parkour-ing undead nightmares surrounding you.

You’ll get to roam the space freely, and they’re apparently going to include cool features like “controllable weather” and hidden passages, and even some “state-of-the-art wearable technology” for you to slap on. But, as the zombies will agree, you really only need one thing for this challenge…


NOTE: Variant 31 is due to start in September at Space 18. The experience lasts 90mins, and tickets cost £39 at their website HERE.

Space 18 | 39-41 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BN

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Variant 31

39-41 New Oxford Street, Holborn, WC1A 1BN


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